10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins Reviewed for 2022

Pop-up messages can help convert your website visitors into email newsletter subscribers, members or paying customers. However, WordPress doesn’t allow you to create pop-ups right away. So you might be looking for the The Best WordPress Popup Plugins.

A WordPress popup plugin allows you to design custom messages that match your website’s branding. Also, you can trigger these popups to target visitors after a certain amount of time or after specific actions on your website.

🔍 In this guide, we’ll take a look at ten of them The Best WordPress Popup Plugins. For each tool, we’ll examine the key pop-up features and email marketing integrations.

Let’s begin!


Elementor is a popular plugin for building WordPress sites. The premium version includes a popup builder that allows you to visually customize every part of your popups using Elementor’s code-free drag-and-drop editor.

That’s really Elementor’s biggest selling point – you get one of the most powerful theme editors available.

You can use it to create various pop-ups including:

Elementor comes with several popup templates that you can use to create custom messages faster. Additionally, you can use triggers and display conditions to target users based on actions such as scrolling and clicking, or a specified period of inactivity.

Additionally, Elementor Pro integrates with 12 different email marketing tools. These include AWeber and Mailchimp.

💳 Prices: The Elementor Pro plugin starts at $99 per year.


OptinMonster’s popup builder is one of the best freemium WordPress popup plugins. You can use it to create various popups, including lightboxes, floating bars, and slide-ins. In addition, you can create:

  • Gamified popups
  • countdown timer
  • Welcome mats

OptinMonster lets you design custom popups with a drag-and-drop builder. These messages can contain animations and even sound effects. You can also customize the pop-up ad based on user location, past behavior, and actions on your site.

However, where OptinMonster really excels is in creating rulesets to target your popups to exactly the right users and content. There are also special targeting rules for ecommerce stores.

In addition, OptinMonster integrates with more than 35 email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. These include constant contact, MailPoetand send impulse.

Although OptinMonster is more expensive than other WordPress pop-up plugins, it can be a great option if you use its advanced targeting rules.

💳 Prices: You can use OptinMonster for free, but you’re limited to 500 monthly campaign impressions, 300 page views, and two campaigns. Upgrading to a premium account starts at $9 per month and unlocks unlimited campaigns and 2,500+ page views.

The HubSpot WordPress plugin is one of the best WordPress popup plugins.

If you’re looking for a free WordPress popup plugin, consider using HubSpot. This platform offers various marketing tools including CRM, live chat, and an easy-to-use popup builder.

With HubSpot, you can choose from a variety of form types, including:

  • Drop Down Banner
  • slots
  • Simple popup boxes

You can target your HubSpot popups based on page URLs, visitor behavior, exit intent, and time-based or scroll-based triggers. Additionally, you can display thank you messages and send follow-up emails when users enter their information in your popups.

HubSpot displays all your popup data in the HubSpot CRM and allows you to contact customers directly from there. It is compatible with 34 different email marketing tools including MailerLite, ZohoMailand I contact.

💳 Prices: Free for the plugin and popup builder. There are paid plans that add advanced marketing and sales features if needed.

The popup maker plugin.

If you want lots of customization options, Popup Maker might be the best WordPress popup plugin for you. You can use the built-in editor to customize your popup’s size, position, and animations.

Also, you have access to various pop-up types, such as:

  • video lightboxes
  • registration forms
  • loading screens
  • Floating stickies

However, the editor is not as visual and flexible as Elementor Pro or OptinMonster.

Popup Maker supports a variety of popup triggers, including automatic open, click open, exit intent, and scrolling. You can also target users based on their user roles, shopping cart contents, device types, and more.

That’s one of its strengths – access to WordPress-specific targeting rules for your popups.

Additionally, Popup Maker is open source, so you can customize it to suit your marketing needs. You can also integrate it with tens of email marketing platforms including Mailchimp, MailPoet, and Constant Contact.

💳 Prices: You can use the core popup maker plugin for free. However, they cannot create exit-intent popups, access analytics, or use advanced targeting settings. Upgrading to Popup Maker Premium costs from $87 per year.

If you are looking for an affordable popup plugin, consider using Sumo. You can get started for free and upgrade as needed. It’s a complete marketing solution that includes email marketing tools, ecommerce integrations, and popups.

Sumo lets you create a variety of pop-ups, including:

  • Email list builder popups
  • Welcome mats
  • Smart Bars
  • scroll boxes

You can embed pop-ups on your website or set them to appear on certain triggers, such as when someone is on the phone. B. when scrolling to a position or hovering the mouse over an element. Additionally, you can embed attractive call-to-action (CTA) buttons in your sumo popups.

Sumo integrates with various email marketing solutions. If you use the free plugin, you can connect it to Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and more.

💳 Prices: The core plugin is free. However, you cannot use advanced targeting methods such as user devices, locations, and referrers. Also, you don’t have access to advanced email integrations like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Keep. Sumo Pro costs $39 per month.

WordPress popup builder plugin.

If you want to customize your popups based on complex triggers and user actions, consider using Popup Builder. This plugin can trigger your messages when users complete certain “events” e.g. B. adding products to their shopping carts, hovering over items, or being inactive.

In addition, you can set advanced conditions for your pop-up ad, e.g. e.g.:

  • After a certain number of page views
  • Cart Conditions
  • Location-Specific Terms
  • user rules
  • URL query strings

You can choose from and customize various popup designs, including image popups, subscribe forms, countdowns, and contact forms. You can also display your popups in multiple places including WooCommerce product pages, specific post types, and your archives.

Popup Builder can be integrated by default weMail, a platform that connects to SMTP providers. However, you have to pay for extensions to use the plugin with AWeber or Mailchimp.

💳 Prices: The core plugin is free. You can also choose from a range of paid extensionsincluding push notifications, video popups, and yes/no button popups.

Bloom plugin.

If you’re on a slightly larger budget, consider Bloom. It’s a complete email marketing and opt-in service that can help you grow your newsletter signup list, collect leads, and convert your visitors into followers.

Bloom has more than 100 form templates and lets you create:

  • Automatic opt-in pop-ups
  • Opt-in fly-ins
  • Unblock content pop-ups

Additionally, it has various trigger types including timed delays, scrolling, commenting, buying or a set period of inactivity. It also integrates with 19 email marketing services like Mailchimp, AWeber, and ConvertKit.

Note, however, that Bloom does not offer a fully customizable editor. Instead, you’re limited to customizing the text and colors displayed in pre-made popup templates. If you want to fully customize your popups using a visual interface, you should choose another popup plugin.

💳 Prices: Bloom comes as part of a larger one Elegant theme pack. It costs $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access. This plan includes the Divi themethe Extra page builderand the Monarch social media sharing plugin.

Icegram is one of the best WordPress popup plugins.

Icegram is one of the best WordPress lead generation pop-up plugins. It includes 50+ popup templates and types including:

  • Timed popups
  • Lightbox subscription boxes
  • Multi-level CTAs
  • registration forms

Icegram lets you choose from various display and targeting rules, including specific website pages, devices, and time intervals. Additionally, Icegram popups are specifically designed to be mobile responsive.

Icegram integrates seamlessly with 25+ leading email service providers. For example, you can use it with Constant Contact, MailerLite, and ActiveCampaign.

💳 Prices: You can use Icegram for free. However, they do not have access to exit intent triggers or user behavior targeting settings. Icegram Pro costs from $129 per year and includes these features and advanced analysis tools.

Ninja popups.

Ninja Popups could be an excellent choice if you want to create custom forms. It comes with a drag-and-drop popup builder that lets you control your message’s alignment, design, and animations.

You can also choose from more than 65 templates, including:

  • registration forms
  • Newsletter sign-up forms
  • contact forms

You can trigger your popups according to certain parameters, e.g. B. Exit intent, inactivity, page-level targeting, and time-based delays. In addition, Ninja Forms has built-in A/B tests that you can use to test different popup variants.

Ninja Popups integrates with 45+ email marketing services including ActiveCampaign, FreshMailand Sendinblue. The plugin can also connect to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

💳 Prices: A regular Ninja Popups license costs $24 (with six-month support).

ConvertPlus is one of the best WordPress popup plugins.

If your top priority is targeting your popups to specific users, ConvertPlus might be the right option for you. This plugin allows you to control the popup ad based on visit frequency, referral domains, and new versus old visitors.

ConvertPlus has 100+ popup templates spread across categories such as:

  • video popups
  • Full screen modal messages
  • Pop-ups for sharing on social networks
  • Mobile-only popups

ConvertPlus can help you collect data from WordPress form plugins and WooCommerce. Additionally, it integrates with 34 email marketing services including KlaviyoGetResponse and Emma.

💳 Prices: A regular license for ConvertPlus costs $23 (with lifetime updates and six months of support).

Try one of these popup plugins today

WordPress pop-up plugins can help you engage with website visitors and convert them into loyal subscribers. You can use these messages to increase sign-ups to your email newsletter list, promote offers, and discourage users from leaving your site.

🎯 If you are looking for the best WordPress popup plugin, you should consider it Ninja popups. This premium plugin has 65+ popup templates and offers various trigger and display conditions. Plus, it integrates with 45+ email marketing platforms so you can consolidate your leads and user data.

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