15+ Minimalist Website Examples (And What You Can Learn From Them)

You don’t need a complex website to impress visitors. A simple design can be just as effective in attracting attention and driving conversions. However, without analyzing a few minimalist website examples, you might struggle to keep things simple on your website.

Fortunately, we’ve done the homework for you. We’ve compiled a list of minimalist websites so you can get inspiration from real examples and organize your pages more effectively.

In this post, we will discuss some of them Key features of minimalist websites. Then let’s look at some the best examples on the web and discuss what you can learn from them. Let’s begin:

What makes a website “minimalist”?

You are probably familiar with minimalism. Whether it’s art, interior design, or lifestyle choices, this aesthetic is all about keeping things minimal.

In web design, minimalism refers to websites with clean and simple pages. Typically, minimalist websites only contain the most important elements, such as a home page, an about section, and contact information.

However, there are other common features that these basic websites share:

  • Simple backgrounds with lots of white space
  • Maximum two fonts and colors
  • Short paragraphs
  • Shop pages or product catalogs that only contain the essential information

Minimalism can be used in all types of websites, from blogs and professional portfolios to ecommerce websites and online stores. The trick is to avoid using too many elements on the same page.

Of course, that’s probably easier said than done. Therefore, it may help to look at some minimalist website examples for inspiration:

15+ Minimalist Website Examples

We’ve rounded up some of the best examples of minimalist websites on the internet. Let’s look at each page to see what we can learn from it:

1. Nuvo Magazine

Nuvo Magazine is one of the best minimalist website examples for those who want to start an online magazine.

Nuvo is an online magazine with a very clean layout. It uses a white and black color scheme and two main typefaces: serif and sans serif. In addition, each post consists of a few paragraphs and a selection of high-quality images. This minimalist design helps the photos stand out from the background.

2. Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson's website is a textbook minimalist website example of an online portfolio.

Micah Johnson is an excellent example of a minimalist portfolio website. The header is just a blank white space with the artist’s name, their occupation, and links to two pages. Additionally, the focus is mostly on the artist’s work, with high-quality photos filling most of the site.

3. ignate

Ignat home page

IGNANT is a production company that presents their work in the simplest way possible: a photo gallery of past projects against a white background. As you may have noticed, this is a common theme with portfolio websites. A simple layout can help bring focus to your work and draw visitors’ attention.

4. swear words

The Swear Words Homepage

Swear Words is a design studio specializing in packaging design. The website uses a very basic layout with a gray background and a simple menu. Images load as you scroll down the page, and the About Us and Contact Us pages open as slider windows. If you want a minimalist but exciting design, consider adding these little animation effects to your website.

5. Kim Dero

Kim Dero website

Kim Dero is an independent packaging designer. The artist creates colorful and intricate designs that he presents on a minimalist website with a white background and a neat gallery grid. Since there’s a lot going on in the images (subjects, bold colors, etc.), the simple layout helps balance things out.

6. Philip house

Philipp's house homepage

Let’s look at another minimalist website example. This time we have Philip House, a chain of luxury condominiums with a simple but elegant location. Elements like quotes and image banners make the design more interesting. This shows that you can use a variety of features on your site while maintaining a clean layout.

7. minimalismo

Minimalissimo homepage

As the name suggests, Minimalissimo is a brand specializing in minimalist living and design, which is reflected in the website. Each section on the site is presented in a simple table with black lines and text on a white background. Using tables on your website can help you organize your content more neatly and create a minimalist aesthetic.

8th. supima

The Supima website is one of the best examples of a direct seller's minimalist website that caters to consumer-facing businesses.

Supima is a company that supplies clothing brands with sustainably grown cotton. Although there is a lot of information on the site, it is presented in neatly defined sections so as not to overwhelm the reader. The website also contains interactive elements such as videos and images. If you are planning a website with lots of content, you need to make good use of white space and sections to make the content more “digestible”.

9. pivot design

Pivot Design Homepage

Next on our list of minimalist website examples is Pivot Design. This site uses bold text and colors, proving that you can add a little personality to your site without overdoing the design.

10 On the place

The Onplace website is one of the best minimalist website examples to showcase an app's features.

Onplace is an app that allows you to create professional portfolios. It has a one-page website that lists all of the app’s features in a simple layout. The animated photos on the right add interactive elements to the site. The lesson here is that when you’re selling a product, you don’t need a complex website to impress — the focus should be on the features you offer.

11. foundry

Foundry is an online shop that sells prints. The product catalog is very clear and displays the product images in a simple grid. If you hover over a photo, you’ll see the name and price of the print. If you want a minimalist shop, you should avoid showing too many details on the main shop page and just showcase them on the product page instead.

12. Studio Nido

Studio Nido is one of the best minimalist architecture portfolio website examples.

Studio Nido is an architect’s portfolio website showcasing the residences they have worked on. The page contains several photos and very little text. This design choice shows that you don’t need to fill your website with information to generate leads – you can just let the pictures do the talking! It’s one of the best minimalist website examples of its kind, and a solid choice for inspiration when your “work speaks for itself.”

13. parabola

Paravel home page

Paravel is a web consulting service that helps companies improve the user experience (UX) of their websites. The website is very user-friendly, with a linear layout that guides you through the company’s projects and services. As a web designer or developer, you want your website to be a great example of your work with an attractive and intuitive design.

14 Craft

The Tinker Shop Page

Let’s look at another example of a minimalist online store. Tinker has a very clean shop page that displays clocks in a consistent grid against a white background. Above, users can select a size, metal type, and color. Also, when you click the hamburger button, the menu appears in a side window. This simplicity creates a very streamlined shopping experience.

fifteen. ETC

The ETQ website is one of the best minimalist website examples for an online store.

ETQ is another online store with a minimalist design. It has a gray color scheme and uses a simple grid for the product catalog. It also has a filter box to select a style, size and other attributes. These options are organized in tables to keep the page clutter free.

16 Belgravia Group

Belgravia homepage

Belgravia is a real estate agency with a website that relies heavily on visual elements. The pages mainly contain photos of properties and small sections of text with important details. There is also an image slideshow on the homepage, giving this minimalist site a more welcoming feel.

17 Alex Coven

The Alex Coven website

Last on our list of minimalist website examples is Alex Coven’s portfolio. The interactive design of this website encourages users to scroll down and use arrows to navigate through the content. The menu opens in a side window and contains a short biography, a summary of the services and contact details. This allows users to view all essential information in one place.

How to create a minimalist website

Now that you’ve seen some examples of minimalist websites, you might be wondering how to create your own. As always, we recommend building your website in WordPress. This content management system (CMS) comes with a wide range of minimalist themes that you can use for free.

👉 For example, Raft is a clean, lightweight WordPress theme that can be used for minimalism-inspired blogs, ecommerce websites, portfolios, and more:

The Raft Theme from ThemeIsle

You can choose from different style variations to create a minimalist color scheme. Also, the theme is block-based, so you can customize it with WordPress Site Editor and use it for free Otter Blocks Plugin to add extra features you want.

However, creating a minimalist website is not just about choosing clean layouts. You also need to limit the amount of content and pages on your site. Therefore, you should consider the information you share with your visitors and only include the most important and relevant content.

Get inspired by these minimalist website examples

A minimalist website design can help draw attention to the most important information on your page. It also creates an optimized layout that can improve user experience and lead to more conversions.

In this post, we looked at some examples of minimalist websites. Portfolio websites tend to minimize the amount of text they use on their pages and prioritize high-quality photos. Meanwhile, online shops like Craft and foundry use clear grids and simple filtering options for their product catalogues.

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