Kartra Pricing Explained: Which Plan to Get? (2023)

Even the simplest successful business relies on a multitude of tools. Choosing these tools, learning how to use them all, and getting them to work together can be a full-time task in its own right. Kartra claims to have all the tools you need to succeed in one place, but what do you really get with each plan?

This Kartra price guide will explain this and more:

When you have finished reading you will have all the knowledge you need to choose a Kartra plan for your business.

Kartra Prices: Kartra Homepage

Kartra Pages

Kartra Pages is a drag-and-drop page builder with an impressive library of over 500 professionally designed templates. You can publish pages built with Kartra directly to your own custom domain.


Starter plan users can create up to 100 sites. All other plans have unlimited pages.

Kartra forms

Kartra Forms is a 100% GDPR compliant form builder with dozens of templates and extensive customization options. Best of all, users who sign up to Kartra Forms will automatically receive profiles created by Kartra Leads, giving you a solid understanding of how each person interacts with your brand.


All Kartra users get unlimited access to Kartra forms.

Kartra leads

Kartra Leads is a lead management tool that tracks every action a user takes on your website and uses it to create a customer profile where you can see their demographic information, any contact information they’ve provided, a full list of their interactions with your brand, and more.


Kartra has strict limits on the number of leads you can enter into its system on each plan:

  • Starter Users receive 2,500 leads
  • Silver Users receive 12,500 leads
  • gold Users receive up to 25,000 leads
  • platinum Users receive up to 50,000 leads

The website does not specify whether the restrictions are permanent or annual.

Kartra Mail

Katra Mail is a full-service email marketing platform with several advanced features including A/B testing and behavior-driven automations.


Kartra users on the Starter plan can send up to 15,000 emails per month. All more advanced plans include unlimited email.

Kartra tills

Kartra Checkouts is a shopping cart/payment processing system. With this tool, you can customize the entire checkout experience and manage important details like sales tax. You can use Kartra Checkouts to sell products or services as a one-time purchase, subscription, or membership.


Kartra users on the Starter plan can sell 20 different products on their websites. All other plans allow selling unlimited products.

Kartra calendar

The Kartra calendar makes it easy to schedule classes, coaching sessions, and other appointments with your clients.


All Kartra users get full access to the Kartra calendar.

Kartra funnels and campaigns

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns is an advanced workflow tool that allows you to plan and organize every aspect of large marketing campaigns. You can also connect pages and automations built with Kartra directly to a specific marketing funnel or campaign.


All Kartra users have unlimited access to this tool.

Kartra Memberships

Kartra Memberships allow you to create a robust multi-level membership program. This tool also has everything you need to create and manage online courses, including content dropping and the ability to track student progress.


The Kartra Starter plan includes the use of Kartra memberships on up to two websites. All other plans allow you to create unlimited membership sites with Kartra memberships.

Kartra polls and quizzes

Kartra Surveys and Quizzes enables the creation of customer experience surveys and graded quizzes for students taking your courses. The program also provides detailed reports on all the answers.


All Kartra users get unlimited access to this tool.

Kartra Videos

Kartra Videos is a video player that allows you to upload videos directly to your website instead of having to host them on a platform like YouTube. Kartra Video also allows you to customize the appearance of the video player, add watermarks to your videos, and insert call-to-actions at various points in a video.


Starter plan users can upload up to 50 videos to their Kartra website. All other plans offer unlimited video uploads.

Kartra Helpdesk

Kartra Helpdesk makes it easy to receive, organize and respond to support tickets via live chat or email. You can also save the answers to frequently asked questions as canned answers, which can then be added to conversations with a single click.


Users with the Kartra Starter plan can create a helpdesk. All other plans allow setting up unlimited helpdesks.

Kartra partner

With Kartra Affiliates you can easily create your own affiliate program and reward customers for convincing new people to buy your products. This includes the ability to create multiple membership tiers and set commission rates based on either membership tier or product sold.


All Kartra users get unlimited access to Kartra Affiliates.

Kartra agency

Kartra Agency allows users to create accounts for clients and sublet them. You can then choose to manage client sites yourself or provide them with credentials to manage the sites themselves. You also get access to a dashboard where you can view key analytics for each website connected to your account.


To access Kartra Agency, you must choose the Silver plan or higher tier.

Kartra prices

Now that we’ve established the features you get as a Kartra member, it’s time to take a closer look at the costs.

There are four kartra pricing plans:

  • Starter. This plan is available for $79/month ($948/year) when purchased annually. The plan includes a custom domain and access to most Kartra tools.
  • Silver. This plan is available for $149/month ($1788/year) when purchased annually. Users at this level get three custom domains, up to 12,500 leads, and unlimited access to all Kartra tools.
  • Gold. This plan is available for $229/month ($2748/year) when purchased annually. Users at this level get five domains, up to 25,000 leads and unlimited access to all Kartra tools.
  • Platinum. This plan is available for $379/month ($4548/year) when purchased annually. Users at this level get up to 10 domains, up to 50,000 leads and unlimited access to all Kartra tools.

Big companies can contact Kartra directly for corporate awards.

How Kartra compares to the competition

The last thing to consider before investing in Kartra is how Kartra compares to other all-in-one business tools. Specifically, I looked at Kajabi and ClickFunnels to see how they compare to Kartra in terms of available features and cost.


Kajabi homepage

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform that allows you to build everything you need to run a knowledge-based business, including:

  • A fully functional website
  • online courses
  • Membership Programs
  • coaching programs
  • Sales funnels (called pipelines on this platform)
  • Newsletter
  • podcast

Kajabi also includes email marketing services and payment processing using PayPal and Stripe.

What you don’t get with Kajabi are many ecommerce options. You cannot sell physical products and the number of knowledge products you can create is limited based on your plan, with the most basic plan only allowing you to sell three products at a time. This makes Kajabi a little less flexible than Kartra when it comes to features.

Kajabi prices

Kajabi offers three pricing plans:

  • Basic. Available for $119/month ($1428/year) with annual purchase. With this plan, users can create a website with up to three products, three funnels, and 10,000 contacts. Users of this plan are also limited to 1,000 active users and cannot remove Kajabi branding from their websites.
  • Growth. Available for $159/month ($1908/year) with annual purchase. With this plan, users can create a website with 15 products, 15 funnels, 25,000 contacts, and 10,000 active members. Users of this plan can also remove the Kajabi branding and create their own affiliate program.
  • Professional. Available for $319/month ($3828/year) with annual purchase. With this plan, users can create up to three websites with a total of 100 products and 100 funnels between them. Users at this level can also have 100,000 contacts and 20,000 active members (spread across all three sites), as well as full customization capacity via the code editor.

These plans are quite expensive compared to Kartra prices, making Kartra the clear winner in the Kartra vs. Kajabi debate.

Click Funnel

Kartra Pricing: Kartra vs. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a specialized website builder for creating marketing funnels. The software includes a drag-and-drop page builder, customizable shopping cart and checkout experience, and autoresponders. All of this is managed through your merchant account, which also offers in-depth analytics and order management.

What I like about ClickFunnels is that it is very user-friendly. You can create your website and start selling in minutes, even if you’ve never created a website before.

However, ClickFunnels has a narrower feature set. There is no built-in calendar, email marketing service, helpdesk functionality, or affiliate program creation. If you’re looking for a true all-in-one solution, Kartra suggests ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Prizes

ClickFunnels has two pricing plans:

  • Click Funnel. Available for $97/month ($1164/year). This plan includes the ability to create up to 20 funnels and 100 pages. There is no limit to conversions.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum. Available for $297/month ($3564/year). This plan comes with full access to all ClickFunnels features, including unlimited funnels and follow-up funnels.

These plans are fairly similar in cost to the Kartra Starter and Gold plans, although the platform has fewer features. This makes Kartra the clear winner when comparing Kartra to ClickFunnels.

In total

A quick look at the competition shows that Kartra is the best all-in-one business tool in terms of both features and pricing. You can reflect this in the table below:

Kartra against the competition
Kartra kajabi Click Funnel
Ecommerce Up to 20 products in Starter plan; unlimited for all other plans (Digital) knowledge products only, up to 3 products in the Basic plan Limited to one product per funnel
email marketing Only through integrations
course creation
Membership Programs
Costs Starter plan available at $79/month ($948/year) with annual purchase Basic plan available for $119/month ($1428/year) with annual purchase Basic plan available for $97/month ($1164/year)

Final Thoughts on Kartra Pricing: Is It Worth It?

Kartra isn’t the cheapest way to start a business, but the platform offers a tremendous range of built-in features. This allows you to expand your business into new areas like e-commerce, membership programs, and selling digital courses without having to learn or integrate third-party tools.

When you consider the full range of features available and the cost of less impressive tools like Kajabi or ClickFunnels, Kartra’s pricing is quite reasonable.

Still not sure which plan to choose? Here’s a quick overview of what each plan is best for:

  • the Starter Plan is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses that don’t expect to receive a large volume of support requests, such as: B. Ecommerce stores.
  • the Silver plan is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that expect a significant number of support tickets, such as B. Companies that sell highly technical software.
  • the gold plan is an excellent choice for medium-sized companies that expect or are experiencing significant growth.
  • the platinum plan is ideal for large companies that want to do all their online management in one place.

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You can also compare plan functions using the following table:

Kartra prices

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