Neve 3.3 “Corvin” – Find out what’s new in the latest version

130, 198, 1.52, 300,000, 1! You’re probably wondering what all these seemingly random numbers have in common. Maybe they’re a code for something, or a weird phone number, or a joke?

Nothing like that! They are a summary of why Neve is a good choice for those who are looking for a WordPress theme.

Named after Corvin Castle, Transylvania’s Gothic masterpiece, New 3.3 “Corvin” represents ours 130 set free 198 weeks since the topic was born. With an average of 1.52 Releases per week, Neve has more than 300,000 Users count on it. thank you for existing one from them! 🙌

That being said, we proudly present New 3.3 “Corvin”!

Here’s what’s changed in this latest version:

New option to hide post meta on mobile

Post meta is an essential part of a blog. At a glance you can find out who wrote the article, what category it is in, how old it is or how long it will take to read it. Displaying all of this information is ideal, but can become a hassle on a smaller screen.

In the current version, you can disable post meta on a small screen, which keeps your content user-friendly and clean.

New option to hide post meta on mobile in Neve

Shadow control for primary and secondary buttons

New customizations are available for the primary and secondary buttons. You can now turn on the Button Shadow toggle, which allows you to control the color, blur, and position of your button’s shadow.

Shadow controls for primary and secondary buttons in Neve

A new magic tag that you can use in header/footer components

There is a new magic tag that allows you to show the current page title you are on. It’s called {current_query_title}and you can use it in HTML component of header or footer.

A new magic tag that you can use in header/footer components in Neve

Gradient support for color controls

The gradient control is part of the Neve 3.2.4 release, but we wouldn’t dare not mention it. It opens up many design possibilities and we are proud of it!

Gradient support for color controls in Neve

Starting with Neve 3.3.0 we decided to remove the copyright component from the free version. You can continue using it if you roll back to 3.2.x, or you can upgrade to Pro and apply a one-time 50% discount by using that NEVEBRANDING50 discount code. The promotion is available until July 5, 2022.

Two new custom layout types: Sidebar and Global

The Custom Layouts module has been enhanced with two new amazing features:

The sidebar layout allows you to replace the Blog, LifterLMS or WooCommerce sidebars with the content of the current custom layout. If you just want to add things to these sidebars, you can append or prepend the custom layout’s content to your current sidebar.

Two new custom layout types: Sidebar and Global

The global layout can be used to add global elements that don’t have a specific position on your website. You can add popups or fixed elements as global.

The global layout

Improved share icons area

Many new customizations are available for the share icons: sizes, colors, padding, alignment and much more. You can configure the share icons in the customizer with just a few clicks. All controls are intuitive and offer excellent UX.

Improved share icons section in Neve

Custom post meta integrated with ACF, toolset and metabox

Besides the new option to hide the post meta on mobile, Neve Pro has some additional features like adding text before or after a specific meta or adding a new custom meta to the list.

The new custom meta can be a meta field defined in ACF, toolset, metabox or a raw metafield added by another plugin.

Custom post meta integrated with ACF, toolset and metabox

Support for storing local fonts on the server for any plugin that queues fonts

In the light of the recent eventswe improved the performance engine and developed a way to load all fonts locally, not just Neve’s fonts, but all fonts of all active plugins.

Map style for blog list layout

The card style, previously only available for the grid post layout, is now also available for the list layout, opening up new design possibilities.

Map style for blog list layout in Neve

Support for logo translation with Polylang and WPML

A different logo based on the language the website is being viewed in is a feature that our users often request. In the latest version of Neve, you can use WPML’s string translation dashboard or Polylang to have a different logo depending on the language of your website.

New expert starter pages

We’ve started adding a new generation of entry pages called Expert Pages, which are more complex and cover a wider variety of sections and integrations for each niche. Additionally, we’ve started reviewing some of the older sites and converting them to expert sites, and you’ll see that they’ll be available soon.

To support this change, there will be a simpler starter site collection than in the past, as we want to focus on a smaller but more powerful collection of ready-to-use sites that we can keep updating.

You can still access the old starter sites by following this document, but remember that these will no longer receive updates or be tested with the latest versions.

What else?

A lot has happened at Neve’s “brother” in the past month. Otter Blocks. The most exciting news is that we’ve introduced the Otter PRO plugin.

All features of the Block Editor Booster Module have been moved to Otter PRO. So if you are a Neve Pro user, Otter PRO comes automatically and you can install it directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Besides the features you all know and love from the Block Editor Booster module, Otter PRO offers many other elements, like WooCommerce builder blocks, sticky options, comparison charts and much more. A list of Otter PRO ingredients can be found here.

Otter was there Word Camp Europe in Porto. If you attended the conference, we hope you had a great time and visited our booth. If not, we hope you give Otter a try and meet us in person next year! 🤝

WordCamp Europe is up

What’s next?

Our journey does not end here. We plan to introduce many more features, such as B. Advanced style controls for submenus, improvements to related posts, and an all-new WooCommerce-related plugin (more on that soon) ✨.

Get Neve here

Want a say in what’s next on the Neve roadmap? Check out this page to keep up to date with what we’re working on, and also vote for your most requested features so we can prioritize them for the next releases:

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