The 3 Best Options for a Google My Business WordPress Plugin

Looking for the best Google My Business WordPress plugin?

Google My Business (GMB) has everything for online business. You can post updates, sales, and photos from your business, and your page will be indexed on Google so more people can find you and write reviews.

Additionally, Google My Business lets you write posts (similar to a blog or social network) for business updates, offers, and events. Therefore, it makes sense to share some of your most important WordPress blog posts and pages as Google My Business posts to simplify the workflow. All you need is a Google My Business WordPress plugin to make this happen.

In this post, we’ll review three of the best options and show you how they can help you connect your WordPress site to Google My Business.

Best Google My Business WordPress Plugins

Now that we’ve shared the benefits of Google My Business, let’s look at the top three options for integrating it with your WordPress site.

1. Revive old posts

The Revive Old Posts plugin offers several quick ways to share your WordPress content to Google My Business as well as other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

You can use it to share new posts as you publish them and/or to “revive” older content through sharing.

The plugin automatically shares new posts with your connected accounts and has settings to omit certain content based on specifics like a post’s age.

To connect it to Google My Business and share it automatically, all you have to do is:

  1. Install the plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Link your Google My Business (GMB) account to the plugin.
  3. Configure the types of posts you want to send to your GMB Page.

After that, the plugin will automatically do all the work for you.

Link to google my business

⚙️ Features:

  • A button to link to your Google My Business account so all approvals are completed automatically.
  • Settings to specify which posts to share for GMB, such as: B. the age of the contribution, contribution types and special taxonomies.
  • Options to ensure only a certain number of posts are shared from your Google My Business plugin.
  • Custom scheduling and post formatting tools.
  • Settings to enable features such as Google Analytics, instant sharing and content variations.
  • Exclusions for specific categories and tags.
  • Automatic hashtag generation.
  • Connections to various other social networks (for automated posting) such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

💵 Prices: The core Revive Old Posts plugin is free, but Google My Business functionality requires an upgrade that starts at $75 per year. It’s excellent value considering you get the Google My Business postings and several other features like RSS feed sharing, content variations, and Facebook group sharing.

2. Post to Google My Business

The Post to Google My Business plugin gives website owners instant integration between WordPress and Google My Business, allowing you to create and share Google My Business posts from the WordPress dashboard.

In addition, the plugin helps in sharing previously or newly published blog articles and sends them directly to Google My Business after you publish them on WordPress.

The Post to Google My Business plugin is a little different from Revive Old Posts in that it only supports one platform – Google My Business.

However, this may provide a simpler interface for some people who don’t need additional sharing options like Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, the plugin offers a sleek and intuitive design with one main focus. It’s also nice because you can choose the type of post you want to make as Google My Business has many post categories like Events, Offers and Products.

Offer - Google My Business WordPress Plugin

⚙️ Features:

  • Connect your Google My Business account and start sharing your posts from WordPress in seconds.
  • Options to compose a Google My Business post from the WordPress dashboard without having to convert it to a WordPress post as well.
  • Scheduling tools to automatically share WordPress posts with GMB.
  • Integrations with other automation and sharing tools like Zapier.
  • Support for the unique post types in Google My Business, including Events, Products, and Offers.
  • An interesting tool that “rotates” your content to generate multiple, unique versions of your posts. While this is a cool feature, beware of bad grammar (as is common with content-spinning software).
  • Automated posting for specific tags and categories within your WordPress site.
  • Post analysis to see the number of clicks and views each post gets on GMB. The plugin keeps the stats in your WordPress dashboard so you don’t have to go back to GMB.
  • Automated post recycling to restore old content and ensure it gets shared regularly.

💵 Prices: The plugin has a free version with decent features and quick approval for Google My Business. the Premium version starts at $79.99 per year and includes a variety of other features, like the ability to create events and offer posts. You must also opt for one of the premium plans to schedule GMB posts, recycle old posts, and choose locations for each post.

3. Blog2Social

The Blog2Social plugin offers a healthy set of tools for scheduling and automatically sharing blog posts to your social media accounts. Some of the options include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, but the main one we’ll focus on in this article is the Google My Business integration.

In short, you can configure the types of posts you want to publish and customize the social media posts before sending them to the appropriate pages. It’s even possible to add HTML markup to your posts or save them as drafts for later. In general, the plugin offers a nice combination of automated and manual features to ensure you have a consistent flow of content to GMB.

As with any good Google My Business WordPress plugin, Blog2Social provides a quick link to your GMB site where you then decide on the scheduling and automation processes you want. You can even configure the plugin to automatically share older content, or consider automatically generating hashtags to match the posts.

the integration

⚙️ Features:

  • Fast integration with Google My Business, along with many other leading social networks and platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. You also get some unique options like Diigo, Reddit, and Medium.
  • Instantly share to GMB and all social networks, fetching new or previous content on your WordPress site.
  • Automation, with the option to schedule posts in the future.
  • Options to manually adjust and update the posts before sending them to places like GMB. You can add things like images, animated GIFs, and HTML markup.
  • A save feature to save your post for later if you don’t want to send it right away.
  • A consolidated dashboard to view the status of your social media sharing in one place.
  • A field to edit the meta tag information for the pages and blog posts you want to share.
  • Firefox and Chrome extensions to give you more flexibility to save and share your posts no matter where you browse online.

💵 Prices: The plugin has a free version that supports automatic posting to about 15 social networks. However, the Google My Business functionality is not provided in the free plugin. the Premium version starts at $99 per year.

Which Google My Business WordPress Plugin is Best for You?

Most of the time we have a much longer list of recommended plugins for a category, but this one only has three top players.

If you’re still debating which of our recommendations to use, consider our final thoughts below:

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