The 8 Best WordPress Forums for Support, Learning, and Website Ideas

Although WordPress is an easy-to-use platform, it has a wide range of settings and features that new users may find overwhelming. Hence, you might be looking for the best WordPress forums to help you navigate beginner and intermediate WordPress topics alike.

Fortunately, there is plenty of online support for WordPress site owners. Whether you want to learn how to design custom pages, manage your plugins, or better secure your site, you’ll likely find an experienced WordPress user or developer ready to help.

In this post we look at 🔍 some of them the best WordPress forums for beginners. We discuss who they are for and what kind of support they offer. Let’s begin!

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WordPress is an open source CMS. Developers are constantly working on the software, and the code is available for anyone to study and modify. Additionally, it has a large user base that powers 43% of all websites.

This popularity means that you will find plenty of online resources and support forums on the official support forums:

The WordPress support page

Each forum is dedicated to a specific topic. For example, you can find forums about installing the CMS, troubleshooting, developing plugins, and more:

The WordPress Support Forums

You can view topics posted by other users or submit your own:

The Fixing WordPress forum

Additionally, you can use the search bar to find posts related to a specific topic:

Posts about maintenance mode in WordPress forums

This allows you to find out about similar errors other users have encountered before submitting a request. If you look at the replies to a specific post, you might find that a moderator or developer has already provided a solution to your problem.

The official WordPress forums are perfect for both novice and experienced users. If you have a general question or want to raise an issue that isn’t covered in the discussions, you can do so in the Everything else WordPress Section.

Before submitting a post to a WordPress forum, it is important to read the posts pinned above. They usually contain a set of guidelines for users, as well as information about common WordPress errors.

You may already be familiar with Quora. This popular forum site allows users to ask questions on various topics and share their knowledge with others.

Quora has a section dedicated to that everything to do with WordPress:

The Quora WordPress forum

Here you will find forums (or “spaces”) on various topics including plugins, themes, and WooCommerce. You can follow any Space that interests you, ask a question, and reply to posts. In addition, you can follow other users and connect with them via direct messages:

A WordPress group on Quora

Quora is a valuable resource for all types of WordPress users. However, you must create an account to participate in the forums.

Once you’ve signed up for Quora, you can start asking questions about all sorts of WordPress topics. For example, you might want to find out the ideal article length for SEO:

A WordPress question in Quora

Quora even provides you with a list of related questions. Each query typically includes answers from experts in the field.

Since WordPress is open source, you will find many forums dedicated to web development. For example the popular answer and question site Stack Exchange has a section dedicated to WordPress development:

WordPress development forum on Stack Exchange.

In this forum you can use tags to navigate to specific topics. For example, you can review questions about plugins, PHP, custom post types, features, and more:

Tags in the WordPress development forum

This forum can come in handy if you want to customize your WordPress site with code or need help with a development project. If you encounter any problem, you can even share your code with other users on the forum:

A user's post on the WordPress development forum

Another developer might discover an error in your work or suggest an alternative solution. Alternatively, you could ask other users for a code that would help you add a specific feature to your website.

If you’re setting up an online store, you might be looking for WooCommerce forums.

A good starting point is Slack. This is a messaging platform that facilitates team collaboration in the workplace. However, Slack also serves as a forum for various communities.

The WooCommerce community on Slack allows users to communicate via direct messages:

WooCommerce community Slack registration page

You can access this forum (or “workspace”) in the free version of Slack. Here you can follow conversations across different WooCommerce channels including marketing, extensions and development:

The WooCommerce community in Slack

The messaging interface allows you to reply to other users’ questions and post your own. You can even start your own channel and add other users as your teammates to send them direct messages.

If you are an active Facebook user, you might want to try the WordPress groups available on this platform. While not classified as “forums,” these groups provide interactive and educational areas for WordPress users.

The WordPress Explained – Help for Beginners Facebook group has over 15,000 members and is packed with useful information for new website owners:

The WordPress Explained Facebook Group

As the name suggests, this group is designed for WordPress beginners. Users can post questions on a variety of topics:

A user's post in the WordPress Explained group

The group is powered by Hostinger and has a very active community. In addition, it is visible to the public. Therefore, you can track its activities without logging in. However, you must log in to Facebook to post in the group and interact with other users.

Another helpful Facebook group is WordPress Hub – WordPress Help for Beginners. Managed by our team at CodeinWP and KCCSB, this community has over 11,000 members and is packed with valuable resources:

The WordPress Hub Facebook Group

Users are encouraged to ask questions and share their tips and tricks with other members. You can also find tutorials, plugin recommendations, and other WordPress-related content.

This is a private group. However, anyone can enter – all you have to do is read the rules and answer three questions for your application to be approved.

If you are a developer or a more advanced WordPress user, you should consider joining a Facebook expert group. For example, Advanced WordPress is a community for people who want to expand their knowledge and share their insights with others:

The extended WordPress Facebook group

This group has over 30,000 members, so if you run into a problem you’re likely to find help. You’ll also see discussions about the latest WordPress trends and news.

Advanced WordPress is a private group. Therefore, you must read the group rules and answer a few questions in order to join.

Reddit is one of the most popular platforms for online discussions. It consists of a network of communities where users can share ideas, ask questions, and post images and videos.

You can find Reddit groups for all sorts of topics and interests, including WordPress:

The Reddit WordPress Community

The Reddit WordPress community has over 160,000 members. That popularity makes it one of the best places to go for advice on WordPress-related issues.

For example, you can use Reddit to ask for plugin recommendations:

A user's contribution in the Reddit WordPress community.

You can start looking up a specific topic in the group. There is a chance that other users have already posted about the same or a similar problem.

Popular topics tend to get a lot of engagement, including comments, upvotes, and shares. However, you need a Reddit account to connect with other users and post to communities.

Try these WordPress support forums today

Due to its popularity and open-source nature, WordPress has a huge online community. From support forums to Facebook groups, you’ll find plenty of resources to help you build your website and solve common problems.

That support forums You can submit questions on a variety of topics, including plugin development and common bugs. You can also join a Facebook group, e.g WordPress hub to interact with other users and share tips. Alternatively, if you are a new developer, you can join WordPress development community on stack.

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