Where to Hire Freelancers: 9 Best Websites to Find Freelancers in 2023

If you’re looking for the best places to hire freelancers for one-off or even recurring jobs for regular work, then you’ve come to the right place.

The many online job platforms have made things much easier for people in 2023 – both for employers and freelancers. Some platforms are broad, listing skills and experts for each type of job. Others are niche and only specific to certain types of industries or skills.

Whatever your specific needs, we have compiled a list of platforms and marketplaces suitable for all types of projects and budgets. Let’s start:

Best Places to Hire Freelancers in 2023

Next, read an overview of the best places to find professionals. But before we start, here’s a quick list of the platforms we’ll be covering:


For confident hiring of solo professionals or entire teams for jobs of any scale, processing is a good option! The range of services in their portfolio is really wide – from development and IT to finance and accounting or from writing and translation to legal services.


There are three ways to hire through Upwork: post a job and hire freelancers from Talent Marketplacebrowse the project catalogue and make your choice or use talent scout enlist the help of a recruiter to find the right professional or team.

The project catalog clearly shows the scope and prices and includes services such as logo design, e-commerce development and translation. Whichever method you choose, you can view work samples and customer reviews for each professional. In addition, you can negotiate prices and only pay for the work you approve.

💳 Pricing:

Each hiring method has its own cost structure. Hire freelancers under the talent scout plan, you only pay the hourly rate of the respective professional and no more. As for Talent Marketplace, you can access verified freelancers after viewing their work history and reviews, pay them securely, and are covered by a payment protection plan for free. Besides, there are Plus program which entitles you to a dedicated account manager at $49.99/month + 3% admin fee of all payments to freelancers.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

LinkedIn Talent Solutions is a safe bet for hiring freelancers for any industry. Graphic design, financial analysis, virtual assistant, law – that Marketplace for Services on LinkedIn connects professionals from all industries.


LinkedIn offers several products to meet your hiring needs. Individually job advertisements is for occasional hiring by small businesses. job slots allows you to rotate an unlimited number of job postings during a 12 month period. recruiter offers advanced filters, saved searches and viewing previous candidates.

The rating and recommendation system in combination with advanced search filters and spotlights helps in the selection of candidates. Other additional functions include the creation of landing pages within LinkedIn (LinkedIn service pages) and targeting candidates with dynamic job ads.

💳 Pricing:

With a basic free account, you can search and view member profiles and save some searches. For limited adjustment needs, the Recruiter Lite plan Is appropriate. It allows you to build a candidate pipeline and extend the search to candidate contacts. Users report a fee ranging from $139.99/month to $2,399/year. However, opt for consistent hiring needs for recruiter at $9,000/year. This plan provides intelligent suggestions and prioritizes candidates based on their availability.


Give it a try to find freelance talent offering 400+ categories of digital services like programming, animation or graphic design Fiverr Marketplace. It helps that Fiverr has a secure payment system and payments are only made after you approve the work delivered.

Hire Freelancers - Fiverr

The best thing about Fiverr is that you make payments by project rather than hourly rates. Businesses looking to hire freelancers can upgrade to Fiverr store. A team account gives you access to a curated, verified catalog of top talent. A business success manager supports you in matching with the right freelancers. You can collaborate with your team, manage projects and budgets, and share freelancers – all from a single dashboard.

💳 Pricing:

Currently, Fiverr store is absolutely free for the first year. In addition, there are no conditions for the obligation to use it for the next year. Annual subscription is $149. Of course, they have to be paid individual freelance fees.


at FlexJobs, you can hire freelancers for regular remote jobs like web design or account management, as well as experimental jobs like pastry chefs or animal behaviorists. With a employer membership You have unlimited access to the CV database and you can post as many jobs as you like.


It is possible to target candidates geographically and integrate with partner Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). They have dedicated customer support, a custom employer profile and can submit a job feed of 20+ ATS. Expert advice, virtual job fairs, premium placements and targeted emails are attractive upgrade opportunities.

💳 Pricing:

Plans are available for $399/month, $859/quarter, and $2,999/year, with a 50% discount for nonprofits.


Dribble is “the world’s leading community for creative people to connect, grow and hire.” It’s also where more than 60,000 employers visit to hire people for design jobs, whether full-time or freelance. It offers helpful features like powerful search and filtering capabilities and unlimited messages. You can also easily save criteria and tag designers for future projects.


To get direct access to advanced filters and message designers, you need to sign up for a paid subscription.

💳 Pricing:

Dribble attitude connects you quickly with highly qualified designers. You can post jobs through the job board or opt into the designer search for $299/month. You can access both for $499/month.


behavior is an online creative community powered by Adobe. It’s a place for artists to showcase their profiles and projects, similar to a portfolio website.

Hire Freelancers - Behance

In addition, Behance has one job list Area where artists can find full-time or part-time jobs and internships. While artists can apply for free, employers pay a fee to post job ads. Employers looking to hire freelancers can save candidates, receive applications, and receive recommendations from Behance.

💳 Pricing:

Behance costs $399/job/month. That seems a bit steep. However, due to the pandemic, Behance is now offering free job postings. Employers can also post jobs on Behance by subscribing to Adobe packages such as Creative Cloud teams or Creative Cloud company.

people per hour

on people per houryou’re likely to find freelancers for every skill level imaginable, complete with reviews and ratings. You can filter the 3 million strong list of freelancers covering 8,000+ skills by location, rates or details.

people per hour

To hire freelancers on People Per Hour, fill out a form to post a project. The website then matches the project to relevant freelancers, who then respond with a concrete proposal. Choose the most suitable one and pay a deposit. If you are satisfied with the work done, pay through the protected payment system.

In addition to scanning the freelancer list or posting projects directly, you can also browse offers from freelancers yourself and select suitable ones. Project streams help communicate ideas, get files, and share feedback. You can track progress, revisit chat history and get real-time notifications. Additionally, you can pay freelancer bills directly from the project stream with just a click of a button.

💳 Pricing:

Free (although some users report hidden charges at checkout).


Do you need a handyman around the house for occasional tasks? Cash TaskRabbit. From bathroom cleaning to installing mirrors, freelancers are available to help you with everything. They make your everyday life easier.


Taskers are available for work in many cities in the US and in some European countries. The Tasker app lets you get things done on the go. While more suitable for private households, any organization can use TaskRabbit to create entire teams for any purpose, relying on local, background-checked workers. You can compare reviews, ratings and prices, as well as save favorites for repeat bookings.

💳 Pricing:

In addition to the contracted service fees paid to Taskers, Task Rabbit charges a service fee as a percentage (about 15%) of the contracted fees. This is in addition to support fees (approx. 7.5%) and any refunds. All fees are clearly shown in the invoice.


To find freelancers to solve any WordPress problem, go to Codable. There you will find experts in everything related to building and maintaining a website on WordPress. This freelancer platform brings together the best WordPress experts with matching WordPress jobs/problems.

Hire Freelancers - Codable

Most of the freelancers at Codeable have 6+ years of WordPress experience. Also, what is helpful when hiring freelancers on this platform is the strict vetting and hiring process it employs. Freelancers take English proficiency tests, technical proficiency tests, behavioral interviews, and more.

With no obligation to hire, you can post a job, receive a free estimate, and then proceed with hiring. This is ideal for both recurring, short-term and full-time WordPress work. Business owners and agencies can find the right match in less than a day. More than 20,000 companies use Codeable to find WordPress experts.

💳 Pricing:

Each project posted to Codeable is given a custom fixed price estimate based on total scope, work to be done, complexity and urgency. Codable recommended tariffs range from $70 to $120 per hour, in addition to a service fee.

Conclusion on the best places to hire freelancers

This list is already quite extensive, and the number of such sites will only increase in the future. With the gig economy on the rise, we might as well all switch to the freelance model at some point.

It makes sense to familiarize yourself with the above pages and add them to your personal archive. They will come in handy whenever you need a helping hand to take care of a task.

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